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Introduction About Firma

 About us  (Firma  Macháčková Magdaléna )​​

Dear businessmen, parents and children,

I welcome you to my web page, where I firstly familiarize you with the company and its origin. Crucial products of this company are holders for industrial and drink packaging mainly for common usage at home, which sweeten life and make it easier not only for healthy people but also for the ones with physical limitations. The production aim is to get closer to children and improve their development.

These web pages are established together with a conduct of business since March / 2015.

Therefore the origin of a business plan dates approximately the same as above, and relates the same content as above. The goal was to bring something new and beneficial to the czech domestic market, in a form of the H O L D E R with a handle. I am pleased to offer you these and I hope you will familiarize others with my products and recommend it to those who may find it useful, in a way of making a life with hand-work limitation easier. Such people are then able to self-service, concerning mainly children and people with worsened motor activity due to illness, injury or just old age. However products are suitable for everyone liking to use it! Product's utilization is suitable for households, garden parties, retirement homes, any kind of children-based or disabled-based institution and so on. I believe that the production's purpose and the meaning is clear, and that the holders will soon become your favourite little helper, aesthetic complement or just folding paper toy which belongs to each family.

The same can be applied to a gastronomy area (restaurants with outside seating, amusement and aqua parks, swimming pools, wellness, hotels with animation programme, children camps, ZOOs, etc.) because customers of your business will be capable of self-service, e.g. with a heavy porcelain or glass jugs, thanks to the TP (=thermoplastic polyester) holder. You can notice also economic saving as using of the holder with a handle for TPs ensures less damage ( e.g. break of dishes) and possible economic rise (more customers of the target group). Plus, this discreet holder of aesthetic design for various packagings is very light - does not weight one's hands down.

To create company's (or individual's) personal imprint, holders can be marked with an elegant label of company's own choice. Suggestions: "lovely vacation", "Happy Valentine's Day", "serving drinks for friends", "company party", "birthday party", "the most beautiful wedding day", "ZOO ", or simply company's logo.

The holders with a handle can be sold in groceries, supermarkets, hotels and also at interesting tourist places, for example as a souvenir or a gift item, with your own label.

Holders are created for TP drink packaging from 150-250ml (the smallest TP packet of children's drinks) to 2l TP drink packaging. You can also use it for liquids packaging of industrial nature that can be dangerous to skin contact (e.g. Savo) because this way liquid cannot meet your skin. Holding a dirty packaging by a holder just wash both by water, lay out the holder and leave to dry it up.

NEWLY CREATED HOLDERS WITH A HANDLE as a cut-out and a coloring picture. It is cheerful, nice and positively influences children development, especially in graphomotorics, depth perception, improve colour/shape recognition and it is contributive to support children's creativity and artistic skills. Such coloring picture impresses children of three years and more as an educational aid when they prepare and create a drink holder themselves.

Prepared holder for children with a theme of a ladybird Art.​: 15.000,13 T-Beruška/Coccinella septempunctata ("special") with instructions to put it together and your own decoration ways (stickers, buttons on ladybird's shards). As mentioned before it develops children's graphomotorics, depth perception, improve colour/shape recognition, supports child's creativity and child's own personality perception. Children with physical limitations will be happy to create something on the same  level as healthy children can make. ♥☺ It is durable product made of PP plastic either in the base form or as e.g. a ladybird. It is meant for all children liking it, but especially for those with a limited hand motion (due to illness, injury, optic or brain damage). Feel free to write your opinion on this topic - your personal or working experience is welcomed.

Companies and their workers are appealed to understand and not to underestimate the meaning of these products for children. An inclusion of these holder products into your company's range of products will seem as new and unhackneyed. It proves you are not fettered by a convention of populism full of  well-known characters from cartoon movies, and since children's world likes diversity, do not fear to set something new.

All holder products came into existence with direct participation of children and disabled of all ages, who also accepted these help aids with a shining smile to get even sippy cup holder in addition (beverage containers). They themelves wanted to finish it and could not wait to use it. Let them have a proper development and fun on the top of that. Your reward will be their satisfaction and shining smile.

It is made for  c h i l d r e n  to utilize, educate and develop  with fun.

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