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Introduction About Firma

 Introduction About Firma


Hello dear friends, dear children and parents

allow me to welcome to you on the website and to acquaint you with the company, its creation, when is it the core focus  on  the produce   - Handi Holders carriers of beverages, too on industrial packaging , facilitating  our better life and they are  for using and for manipulation with  the bottles and TP boxes of milk, or juice, ice cofee, ice tea and the other different kinds of beverages and liquids  on everyday and for to each household. 

Therefore they are all produce are for to helping to the people, not only to the healthy people , but also with restrictions.  In many ways it is as much an effort to approach production programme to the children for their developments, on learn a new activities, with  the benefits of using and joys.
 I am Magdalene Macháčková and these web- pages are based, together with the launch of business activities, i.e.. from March 10, 2015.  The emergence of the business ideas are dates on the same and is associated with obvious content (services), production and trade, whose main aim is to give something new to the domestic market and also in the form of the Czech  new product , who is a  carrier white handle , - can to  insert and bear the different bottles , TetraPak carton/TPboxes, drinking fountain, etc.. 

I believe,  It is understood the meaning and effectiveness of production of carriers and holders will become your favorite soon small creative Assistant  (as an helper ).

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